Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The XX: New Single


I, along with the rest of the world who widely who praised the English indie band's debut album, have been waiting with bated breath for another album from The xx for three years. It's about time. The self-titled runaway album was dreamy, gentle and inconspicuous in its musical genius at the time of release, but watching it slowly sweep the globe as one of the most acclaimed albums of 2009 became evidence to prove the band's indie brilliance. Now, the question is: can they do it again, but better?

I most certainly think they will. The beginning of the new track "Angels", slightly resembling Band of Horses' "The Funeral" in its still melody, is haunting - like all of their best tracks. Leading lady Romy Madley Croft's coined whisper floats overtop of the atmospheric guitar picking and hollow kickdrum, again, sounding like their best tracks. The first leaked song from their upcoming album Coexist has already set off eager fans waiting for another quick hit - but based on the unassuming sound of this introductory lovelorn ballad, I feel as if the trio will lay low until they've got the full package ready to deliver.

Enjoy this incredible first taste and look out for Coexist on September 10th.

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