Friday, July 20, 2012

TGIF: No Doubt is Back

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My favourite cassette growing up (as in, wore out the tape to the point that my little boombox was screeching while it spit the songs out) was No Doubt's Tragic Kingdom. I loved it. I brought it with me everywhere I went on my trusty little Walkman with two Gwen Stefani-inspired twisted buns pinned to the back of my head and wacky dance moves not fit for a 6 year-old. And although the first single - which leads the way for the band's first album in 11 years - features some snazzy contemporary twists necessary for a crew of adults back in the game of "cool,"  I was so pleased to hear that the boppity first track "Settle Down" samples a little of the reggae and ska quirkiness that catapulted the foursome in the mid-90s. It's pop, that's a given, but it's got some bouncing guitar strings and  twinkling steel drum to add that special yesteryear something.

The song is straight-up fun. Stefani sounds just like she did when she was the hottest, spunkiest blonde in ska-rock - and defying all rules of gravity and industry aging, she looks like it too. Let's hope they don't revert to their poppy decline in the early millennium and keep dishing out the feel-good danceable jams.

Have a a great weekend! Shake it.

PS. Also, I would really like to party at this truck stop?

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