Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Heartlines: Florence Wows Live

Florence in Toronto/ Michelle Siu for the Toronto Star

Last week, I shockingly was able to see eight of my favourite artists at three different Toronto concerts. Although I love the festival scenario, I feel so blessed that I was able to see all of this breathtaking live music in four days, without wandering a concert ground in search of a glimpse of their set. Naturally, more than a few different moments on stage stood out last week. I'll get through them all eventually, but the first two that I want to share came from the live goddess, Florence Welch - who was the number one mainstay in my musical diet the first month I moved to Toronto. I listened to her everywhere and at all times. Which is interesting, considering two of the best and most powerfully delivered  performances were my favourite songs about touring the world, craving a sense of home and taking care of her own heart while journeying oceans, highways and stages. You could absolutely tell she meant every word in these telling live takes - both spun to be melodically rich, stripped down and more heartwarming than I ever could have imagined. Happy Hump Day! Let these gorgeous tunes and words be a reminder to be real with yourself.

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