Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Music Videos: Remember?

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Remember when music channels actually played music videos? And good ones, at that? I tend to forget, until I re-stumble upon 4-minute gems like this one. The vintage-looking touring montage, electric live footage and, of course, sight of Dan Auerbach's effortlessly spicy electric riff, secure this Black Keys clip as one of the best I've seen in years. Why? Not only is the soulful rock dynamite, but the video isn't a useless collection of bizarre imagery that forever taints the sounds of the song. Every shot of the rad rockers serving their scorching rock to disorderly, infatuated masses - just makes me adore them more. Sign of a good video.

After years of listening, The Keys are just still so phenomenal; unmistakably unique and one of the most thrilling things to happen to rock 'n roll in years. Keep it coming, boys.

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