Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Shi Wisdom: Toronto Up-and-Comer

Shi Wisdom/ Photo:

If you've had your ear to any 416 radio stations as of late, you'll notice that a quality soulful croon is popping up frequently on the airwaves - drawing comparisons to Lauryn Hill through jazzy vibrato, breezy vocal riffs and fabulous authentic flavour of R&B and urban sophistication.

The best part? The girl is local herself. Born and raised in Toronto - Eglinton West specifically - Shi Wisdom is following in the tracks of Drizzy Drake, The Weeknd and Kardinal Offishall by sticking around the woods of this Ontario urban sprawl to grow her following, ride her early Canadian hype and stamp her music with hometown pride.

If you've yet to catch her live around town or hear her tunes, listen up immediately - she's bold, vocally innovative and without a doubt the next big thing out of Canuck territory. Here are three worthwhile listens - her own break-up bash "Take The L" and the tender address "LoveSpeak,"  as well as a sugary cameo on Kardinal's newest release "Mr.Parker" alongside the Jackson Five.

"I love Toronto, Toronto is where my sound was birthed. I love doing music in this city. It’s strange the calibre of artists we have here and how much effort we put into our music for some odd reason has surpassed the states in my opinion," Shi told The Come Up Show.

Toronto's Drake and Shi Wisdom


  1. I'd buy her album. Her music is right up my alley. I don't think a lot of people realize how specific Toronto's sound is.....and I love it!

  2. Totally agree, Kace! Shi's voice is one of a kind. TO is taking over!