Monday, August 20, 2012

Summer in The City

I had such a lovely weekend in the city. Did you? The best part about hosting a tourist for three days is that you get to explore all of your favourite spots again, often in a short time-constrained period; but with fresh eyes and a little more perspective. It invokes a lovely kind of Toronto pride when you show off the sparkly parts of town that took your breath away off the bat, or have grown to be favourite nooks after figuring out the city's best kept secrets.

We explored whole neighbourhoods, ate great food, drank better wine and listened to tunes galore. I think I might have also pushed a little bit of the beat-filled, downtown taste I've developed on to my guest; whether or not they embraced it, I'll find out during the next visit. I'm sure if they moved here they would appreciate how a deep bass and cool sample can complement the city life perfectly.

Obviously, Frank joined us at many points during the weekend! Here's a favourite from Channel Orange:

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