Friday, August 10, 2012

TGIF: The Walkmen Live

The Walkmen at Toronto's The Phoenix venue last week/ Photo Nic Pouliot of

Last week was my second time seeing one of my all-time favourite classic indie rock bands, The Walkmen, live. And let me tell you, they never disappoint.

Playing a heavenly (get it...their new album...) set of mainly new material, I never fail to be astonished at the suit-clad Hamilton Leithauser and his powerful vocals; they could be categorized somewhere between mighty, pretty and some classic kind of croon. Either way, the man has style - both vocally and fashionably.

Unfortunately, the bathroom line was so stupidly long that it made me late for the concert grounds - meaning I only heard the tail end of my favourite new song of theirs - "We Can't Be Beat." Starting ever-so-slow and picking up into a waltzy ballad with smooth doo-wop harmonies, this song is already timeless in my books. His voice, I'll say it again, so effortlessly delivers the song's message of relentless love.

Have a great weekend!

Give me a life/ That needs correction/ Nobody loves/ Loves perfection/ If you want my eyes/ Take my eye/ They're always true/ If you want my heart/ Take my heart/ It's right here for you

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