Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Cat Power: Manhattan

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Since yesterday's release of her long-anticipated album Sun, I've been in complete Cat Power mode. After six years without any new Power material, the upbeat and diverse new album is a beautiful treat from the female artist I love most.

I want a little more time with the songs before giving you a thorough review, but to begin - here's a little slice of perfection to get started, especially for anyone (like myself) who lives for a good skyline. Power got her musical beginnings playing (and living in) in the bars of Manhattan, cowering behind tall microphones and doubting her every bit of ability - so this sensory and wistful piano-backed track is a refreshingly uplifting ode to the cutthroat place that molded the future indie goddess. So far, it's one of my very favourite tracks on the album; I don't think Chan's voice has ever sounded as sublime as it does on Sun.

"Don't look at the moon tonight/ You can never be Manhattan."

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