Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Ho Hey, Always

I like to think I don't have a very addictive personality, unless we're talking about avocados or certain dreamy tunes. I consider it to be a good thing that I don't crave anything so severely to the point of concern - but when it comes to the latter (the songs, not the savoury fruit that I could, but won't, dedicate an entire blog post to), there comes a rare time when a song stumbles into my life only to find itself on near-constant repeat. And by repeat, I mean...repeat.

The way I know it's going to be one of those tunes is when after two weeks of clicking the iPod "back" button, throughout dozens of different scenarios and completely regardless of mood - I still find myself looking forward to a moment alone with my headphones to get the melody kicking again.

Well (checking watch), it's been over two months and I'm still back-buttoning the hell out of The Lumineers' "Ho Hey." All of  their rustic Midwest ditties are wonderful, yes - but one in particular - the one that's skyrocketed the Denver band to early indie success, has yet to tire in my ears. It's that song - that folky, heartwarming new classic that's perfect for any moment, memory and mood - that's turned into a total shameless addiction of mine. The contemporary Americana threesome recently cancelled their gig at Ottawa's Folkfest, making me happy I cancelled my trip to see the star-studded line-up of which they would have been a main attraction in. But sad for those who didn't cancel, I suppose.

Do you mind if I post about it again? Because I'm going to. And trust me, I've got a whole slew of other ideas in the hopper - but on this rainy back-from-the-long-weekend day, "Ho Hey" is the only thing the doctor ordered. When Wesley shouts, "So, show me family..." as the stomping percussion bangs in, The Lumineers momentarily trump avocados. Enjoy, love and obsess over this clip - and have a lovely week!


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