Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Avett Brothers: Laundry Room

This song is everything. For no reason, today I woke up looking forward to hearing it - which is always a telling sign. Everything about it - the words, the building momentum, the impossibly rapid banjo, the brothers' shouting - just completely melts my heart.  Listen to how the opening verses sway before the violin swings in, the harmonies ache together and the guitars swell to the point of explosion. It's wowing, and will forever be the song I suggest to anyone who's yet to fall in love with the Avett Bros. I wish I could have seen them in Toronto last night; they're one of my very favourite modern-day folk rarities.

I recently had a print made with a lyric from this new classic, and I just love it already. It says, "Last night I dreamt the whole night long, I woke with a head full of songs."

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