Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Sheepdogs and Yukon Blonde To Take Echo Beach

A handful of years back, I remember desperately needing to review a concert for one of my arts and culture reporting classes in Journalism school. I was in a bit of a pickle, and stumbled upon a listing for a west coast Canadian band called Yukon Blonde playing at a favourite downtown live music haunt. I made my way to the show, recorder and notepad in hand with a few yawns pinned to my face - until they started playing. I was no longer writing an assignment or doing what I considered to be a favour for an unknown band; I was witnessing one of the fabulous new Canadian bands during their sexy emergence onto the scene. I was immediately hooked.

From Zaphod's in Ottawa to Echo Beach at Toronto's Molson Ampitheatre, opening for everyone's favourite Canadian classic rock revivalists, The Sheepdogs - you could say the boys of Blonde have grown. It's an honour to catch these two relatively rookie Canadian crews this weekend, along with The Sadies, and can't gush enough about their respective yesteryear reminiscent albums and the golden mark they've already made on Canada's upward-moving music scene. A plus? They knock your socks off live. If I wore socks, I'd surely have evidence of lost socks after seeing both bands in the past.

These boys, their sunshiney blues-rock, back road-blaring releases and throwback appearances would make Canadian legends before them - like Neil Young and Burton Cummings - very proud to see where our rocking nation has ended up.

For a full review of The Sheepdogs' recently released #1 album - head on over to my other website for the break down. Otherwise, I'll see you at Echo Beach for a night of real rock 'n roll.

Here are a few of Yukon Blonde's new and old favourites:

(The whole song is perfection - but from 3:05 on is astounding)

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