Thursday, October 25, 2012

Daughter: New Music

Elena Tonra
Daughter front woman Elena Tonra

What a beautiful fall it's been for music. If you shut off all the noise, Toronto is particularly charming in the fall. The quiet side streets are lined with leaves, the overcast skies fit right in against the bright skyline and the brisk city has never smelled better. I've made the mistake of listening to this autumn-appropriate band mid-afternoon when the "Is it home time?" blues are kicking in, and they've nearly put me to sleep with their feather light melodies and dreamy words. That being said, when I'm getting ready for bed or perching on my chilly balcony at night - I'm game for a dose of these hushed songs, and any others, from London-based band Daughters' set list.

What they compose is so full of meaning, every time; the lyrics are heartbreakingly real, and the accompanying instrumental arrangements never fail to haunt from first lovelorn pluck of the acoustic. This new track "Smother" follows that ethereal formula again, but Elena Tonra's vocals have never been more enchanting. My older favourites are "Medicine" and "Run." Take a listen to all of their songs, if you can.




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