Monday, October 15, 2012

Exitmusic: The Night

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As the seasons flip and sunny 7am mornings disappear, it really does feel like I leave for work in the middle of the night. Do you feel like that? Despite the fact that Torontonians prefer to start their day a little later than what I've become accustomed to in my previous lives, I've vowed to continue my routine regardless of the geography change; meaning, I still like to get moving early on weekdays.

But, in early October, that means stepping out my front door to downtown streets still shining under the streetlights (it's been a rainy month so far), few other passersby and a very quiet city. I make my way to the subway, which is nearly empty - a huge difference from the dinnertime station full of crowds that beat you up as they try to get home faster than their seatmate - and then proceed to ride along in the navy morning until I make it to the office. It's bizarre, really - and no other seasonal change jolts me as much as this one because, unlike waking up in the dark, longer days and brighter mornings in the springtime are normally welcomed with open arms. Waking up in the dark, and sometimes leaving in the dark, is all very odd.

It's a little peculiar, and I'll miss the uppity summer morning playlists , but I don't mind the mellow, cool beats that accompany these crack-of-dawn rides through the city. Here's a goodie, if you haven't heard it; one that's perfect for the nighttime mornings.

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