Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Fall Favourites: Part 1

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Leading up to my favourite long weekend, I thought I'd share the first handful of cozy classics perfect for your drive down the road, family dinners or days spent inside with a mug of coffee and pumpkin flavoured dessert. Whether old or new, something about the crisp weather mixed with these oh-so-warm ditties is exactly what the doctor ordered. Counting down the days, you?

Home - Mumford and Sons
Or just the entire new album. Or anything they've ever written.

Your Love Means Everything - Coldplay and Faultline
A chilly but breathtaking fall essential that I revisit year after year after year. All evidence points to it being entirely impossible for me to exhaust it.

These Arms of Mine - Otis Redding:

In case you're needing a slow dance in the kitchen, Otis is always your man.

Invisible Riverside - Ryan Adams:

His voice, his strums, his lyrics, his twang. Fall, completely. All of these years later, Cardinology is still a September and October delight; pick it up if you haven't already.

Agent Zero - The Arkells
I've been completely rediscovering my love for The Arkells lately. I've adored them for years, but overdid the obsession slightly after attending the JUNOS with the Hamilton bunch in March. So, like many things in life, it just took a little time apart to realize how incredible they are - and this anthem did the trick. The mellow beginning, building momentum and cheerful crash into the last half of the song are just infectious.

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