Friday, October 19, 2012

Finally Seeing Cat Power Live

The day is almost here! A decade spent loving the tortured blues-rock of indie’s veteran goddess, Cat Power, is finally being topped with the first live performance of hers I’ve ever witnessed.

Nerd alert. I used to have a ratty scrap notebook that I'd use to keep track of favourite songs, bands and albums – as well as live show bucket lists detailing the performers I absolutely had to see in coming years. Most I’ve been lucky enough to tick off, while some very important ones still remain (Ryan Adams, Regina Spektor, The Cardigans, to name a few). Barring any unforeseen circumstances between now and Saturday night, Cat Power – the lady, the legend – will be ticked off that list at last.

Chan Marshall will most likely play the entirety of her incredible new album Sun – but here’s a little bucket list in itself, entitled “Other Songs Cat Power Might (But Probably Won't) Play Causing Jess’ Heart To Stop”:

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