Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Leading Ladies: No Question About It

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My taste in music is, most definitely, something that remains unlabelled. I suppose "eclectic" would be the best way to describe it, but in social situations I seem to always answer "everything" when asked what genres I'm devoted to. That doesn't really get anyone anywhere - I'm aware. But, as much as I love appreciate people who want to introduce me with thoughtful details including my love for music and tendency to lean towards music journalism, when meeting new people who discover I appreciate this vital art form (who doesn't?), it often turns into the "name game." Have you heard this band? Well, if you've heard them - do you like that band? That's who your all-time favourite artist is? It can be a bit overwhelming. It's almost as if upon learning that someone is invested in a particular medium - whether sports, music, film, visual art - certain personality types see it as a challenge. Trust me, it can make for a rather unattractive first impression. Maybe this is why I prefer writing about music; it's, most often, a fairly laid-back conversation - with the hopes that a few people in the universe might listen, enjoy and think about music in their own right. With any kind of journalism, the thrill of the dialogue and discourse surrounding a topic is ever-present - I always appreciate a leisurely chat about good tunes - but I'll take it without a side of rapid-fire "history of music" exam questions, please and thanks. Let's all just have fun and get along.

Ranting aside, one staple type of music that always pops into mind - almost genreless, in a way - and one that I've always been drawn to, is that of rock or indie female artists. Quirky, provocative ladybirds and female lead singers who've mastered such compelling storytelling and some of the sweetest melodies the ear could imagine always manage to rope me in. I don't know if it has to do with my species-loyalty, hormones or romantic taste, but it's a tendency that's remained in tact since my growing up listening to Joni Mitchell, Carly Simon, Regina Spektor, Amy Millan, Ingrid Michaelson and so many more of their fellow songstresses. I just love these gals.

So, on this (finally) sunny Tuesday, let's just agree to agree that nice-sounding music is wonderful. Whatever your tastes may be, there's no question about that. Here are only a handful of the raddest chicks to hit the studio:

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