Thursday, October 11, 2012

Mother Mother: Sticks

I’ve only seen Vancouver’s Mother Mother twice, but both times the memory of my pouncing maniacally is what continues to stand out after the fact. I like their songs, there’s no doubt about that, but the live show – the duelling brother-sister harmonies, danceable layers of keyboard effects and spellbinding togetherness – is actually what continues to sell me on their (now longstanding) dance-rock sound. I’m convinced the energetic love affairs I have with them each time I catch a live set is what keeps me from overlooking their tunes amidst the newly populated music charts – and are what feed my evolving enjoyment of the likable anthems and cool group dynamic. Pardon the obviousness, but there’s something to be said about a live band that delivers. Even in the overflowing sea of music, some bands somehow still fail to do just that.

Perched at the front of the stage are the usual vocal ringleaders – metro-alpha-male Ryan Guldemond, his cute sister Molly and the equally cute Jasmin Parkin – and from the first kick of the drum and colourful keyboard stunt, the band explodes into their coined power-pop performance, theatrically shouting playful lyrics and prompts at the crowd. Insert pouncing. With two members a given, their wholehearted togetherness is evidence that the entire indie troop are actually one big musically ecstatic family up there; as well as a proud Canadian one that tastes like no other flavour the Canuck music charts have offered in recent years, as far as I’m concerned. Toe-tapping, weird, pretty and pounce-inducing.

Mother Mother’s newest album The Sticks is now available for your listening pleasure; the first release, a sassy love jab, perfectly embodies the fivesome's funky take on new-age rock. And the other two songs you'll find below are equally wonderful new treats.

I’ll be interviewing front man Ryan Guldemond for the magazine next week – so be sure to stay tuned for tidbits on what the family's next chapter brings.

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