Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sera Cahoone: Back to Basics

Sera Cahoone's new album, Deer Creek Canyon, comes out Sept. 25.

Last night, those of us in Toronto were expecting the worst of Sandy's Canadian wrath, but instead saw only less-detrimental power outages, whipping wind and a light sheet of rain across the province; a little hectic, but surely nothing compared to the chaos inflicted on others around the world. Either way, I took it upon myself to warm up with a good book, comfort fall cooking, great songs and an astonishing view of the brightly lit downtown core nestled next to the patchy blacked out wings of the city. Something about a short blackout is actually kind of thrilling, don't you think? I had my power - but I weirdly/secretly wished I didn't.

I think part of the reason some of us delight in a brief power outage is because it forces us to revert back to basics for even a mere moment; something that we're rarely encouraged to do at this hyper-connected point in time. Save for said playlist, I opted to turn off the devices and appreciate a simple, disconnected sort of evening that mimicked the minimalism others were experiencing across the border. I did so with a little known (but highly experienced) artist named Sera Cahoone, based out of my favourite musical breeding ground - Seattle.

Cahoone, who actually found her footing as a drummer playing with the likes of Patrick Park and Band of Horses, has recently released her first solo record, Deer Creek Canyon, under Seattle golden label Sub Pop Records. The album, as well as this first title track, sounds exactly like you'd expect - a heartbroken and homesick story, floating acoustically alongside her throaty Aimee Mann-reminiscent vocals and rustic melody. The song, an autumn ode to her rural home in the Colorado foothills, is the classic and most pleasing kind of country-folk arrangement with flecks of banjo and rolling hill piano. Her sweet, back-to-basics solo sound is, without a doubt, proof Cahoone isn't meant to play on the sidelines any longer.

Stay safe, stay dry and let Sera Cahoone lift your spirits on this dreary Tuesday.

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