Friday, October 12, 2012

TGIF: The Mountain Goats

Underrated and always amusing, news of inconscpicuous veteran folk-rockers The Mountain Goats, as well as their notched belt of collaborations, always peaks my interest. With new album Transcendental Youth sounding and reading more eccentric, honest and weirdly poetic than ever, I felt inclined to peak into their previous albums to see how far their champer-pop oddities have come. I won't lie; I no longer follow them closely, and don't even always have an ear for the idiosyncratic indie and unusual (/sometimes dark) plotlines, but nonetheless, I like to keep track of the evolution of any genre's forerunners. And their are a few gems throughout that evolution.

Somewhere between The Shins, New Pornographers,The Decemberists and their own unique blend of horn and key-driven quirky indie-rock, The Goats have managed to release fourteen studio albums with their first television appearance only airing in 2009, a huge testament to their under-the-radar industry presence. As The Goats age, the prose matures and so do they; every one of John Darnielle's songs a modest and borderline bizarre new story, every melody more peculiar and wonky than the last. But if you take the time to listen - maybe even delving into the thick discography and piles of storylines - you'll hear some of the quintessential indie sounds that shaped the songwriting of this contemporary genre. And then you'll remark at never knowing The Goats had a big hand in it. They aren't for everyone, but who is?

Here's a little Goat love, new and old, in light of their fourteenth (fourteenth!) studio album. Happy Friday!

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