Friday, October 19, 2012

TGIF: Savoir Adore

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In the city, there are so very few things that a person can do on the street or subway which would shock onlookers. As the Canadian equivalent to New York City, Torontonians are a little jaded, a little weird themselves, and therefore innately prepared for whatever.

I'm a pretty together little lady for the most part. But when I woke up this morning, I felt good. Real good. No idea why. Well, Friday obviously had something to do with it. But let me just say, all collectedness fell apart when this song came on my iPod on the subway into work. My body became groove city. The sun had barely risen, I had nearly an entire car to myself, and this completely contagious new age dance-rock was cranked to the highest notch. I hip thrusted ever-so-discretely in my seat, head bobbed, toe tapped and grinned to myself - for 30 minutes of repeat. No shame; boy versus girl vocals and a retro beat are a total Friday morning necessity.

 Isn't this song just so enjoyable? Have a wonderful weekend!

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