Wednesday, November 21, 2012

J. Tillman: Fleet Foxes to Father John Misty


Folk singer Joshua Tillman, known as J. Tillman yet currently performing under the moniker of Father Johny Misty, has certainly made the rounds.

Finding his footing with the harmonic folk collective Fleet Foxes in 2008 as drummer, Tillman embarked on his own journey shortly after promoting Helplessness Blues -  one that required a name change and a solo Sub Pop release that showcased his own bold rustic chant and experimental folk sound. Triumphant folk arrangements that layer rattling percussion, clap beats and choral back-up bear certain resemblances to the bohemian sounds of the Foxes - but Tillman's sound is something else. Curving away from what had become a very distinctive group sound, Tillman's compilation Fear Fun is most often than not unexpected - bouncing back and forth between upbeat revelry to mellow and more delicate folk confessions.

So far, I've enjoyed every minute of Tillman's off-the-beaten path. Here are two favouites:


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