Thursday, November 15, 2012

Jim James: Solo Debut

My Morning Jacket are undoubtedly one of my very favourite veteran psychedelic rock bands; with the release of Circuital almost two years ago, I found it hard to play much else for months. Even more enticing than the band's five album deep discography and 14-year run, is the pioneer behind the buzzing Americana sound - the scruffy, fearless leader known as Jim James.

The archetypal guitar God (also pegged Yim Yames) has dabbled in so much outside of My Morning Jacket - notably an EP of George Harrison covers and the super-collab Monsters of Folk - that it's hardly surprising when he embarks on a new rock venture like his latest - releasing a long-awaited solo debut. Maybe this self-engineered full-length is no shocker or feat for the seasoned front man, but it's highly anticipated by industry aficionados and rock enthusiasts, to say the least.

The first track off Regions of Light and Sound of God, to be released in February of 2013, is no doubt a sultry solo departure from the full-bodied festival rock of MMJ; his aching, unpolished howl swirling beneath woozy funk-rock. Like a spacier, erratic page out of Three Dog Night's soul bible - James is, so far, shelving his explosive rock capabilities on this six-minute track and teasing with this lethargic downtown disco beat. I'm on board.

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