Wednesday, November 28, 2012

November Music Round-Up

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For the past month, I've felt like I have a music horseshoe up my behind. Sorry to be blunt, but everywhere I go - radio stations, websites, reviews, stores, old albums - I've been lucky to uncover incredible new tunes to add into the mix. I've consequently acquired listening ADD. Floating on a happy music cloud wherever I go, I excitedly switch from great song to greater song, every two minutes.

I usually finish a book on the ride to work, but not this week. All I want to do is slide on my headphones and soak in my all-star playlist of newly uploaded tracks which make the most mundane activities - like staring at the subway "scenery" whipping by - completely enthralling. I hope you've had the same luck and are enjoying the lovely sounds this season has to offer you.

Here's a November round-up to close out a fabulous month. If you can't already tell, I'm infatuated with New York, and every song that goes well with the idea of it:

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