Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Porcelain Raft: From The Heart

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I have this book, that I (for the most part) have completely forgotten to write in, called Music Listography. It's blank pages filled with every kind of musical list title, to help you organize your music thoughts, memories and preferences . And, although over the years I've forgotten to actually populate the empty lines, I always think back to the funny lists and how I'll someday sort my library of favourites into the quirky categories so I have something to look back on. When I first heard this song, I immediately thought of the "Music that instantly transforms your mood" list - and how it's most definitely the home to this bubbly tune.

Composed by Porcelain Raft, Mauro Remiddi's indie pop project, it's powerful in the same respect that M83 or Beach House can be; bringing about an inevitable daydreamy, zoned out, lovestruck haze. The first time I heard the single from the debut Strange Weekend - the thump of the dazzling beat and hypnotizing falsetto vocals preciously twirling around the chorus - I was hooked. I still am. Even if it's only playing in your headphones, the shake of the tambourine, atmospheric guitar pangs and overall gorgeous sentiment are ingredients to build yourself a really anthemic moment.

"And I don't want to listen, unless you speak from your heart." Sometimes it's just so lovely to stumble across a truly heroic lyric. Happy Tuesday!

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