Friday, November 30, 2012

TGIF: Happy Pills

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Riding into work this morning in the dark, then seeing the fog of my breath as I dashed from the subway station into work - it was official. Winter's here.

I have a weekend of baking (read: eating), big sweaters, decorating, mulled wine with friends, errands and strolling planned. Quintessential quiet winter days, such as the few ahead, wouldn't be complete without the cozy croons of Norah Jones and the latest sounds from her fascinating musical evolution off of Little Broken Hearts. We all remember when Jones started her climb to the top over a decade ago with the celebrated jazz-pop debut Come Away With Me - an contagious soulful release that established her as one of the most capable young lounge singers-turned-jazz phenomenon in New York City.

Years later, following collaborations with Ray Charles, Danger Mouse, Jack White and more, Jones has nearly departed from her adult contemporary repertoire and embarked on a pop-rock journey that further demonstrates her versatility and taste for genre experimentation. This song, in particular, is one of the most pleasant Jones singles to date - sounding both contemporary and classic in its rhythmical and lifting pop-rock arrangement.

Have a wonderful weekend.

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