Friday, November 16, 2012

TGIF: Songs for Your Weekend

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Happy Weekend, homeboys and homegirls.

A few things have required me to stay downtown today, so I'm working from home. It is the definition of glorious. I really do enjoy going into the office normally - it's productive, full of hard-working people and convenient when tackling deadlines collaboratively. But, there's something to be said about waking up, making a huge mug of tea in my pajamas and working from the comfort of my couch and sun-streaked apartment - overlooking downtown Toronto as it wakes up for the last day of the week. And the loud, cheerful tunes are aplenty.

I had a big week of clean-up - literal and not-so-literal - and I have to say, it feels fantastic to be going into this weekend with a clean apartment, ticked off to-do list, clear head and happy heart. Here are some bright songs to walk with you on this pretty Friday. I suggest going downtown, wherever you are - something tells me cities are extra alive today.


Out on the Weekend - Neil Young
Ah, Neil. One of my main men. Tis entire classic album holds a very special place in my heart. I just finished his autobiography and I can't suggest enough that you read it. It's vivid, conversational and incredibly real - just like every bit of Young's music. In the side panel (>), you'll see one of my favourite quotes from Waging Heavy Peace.

Someone Great - LCD Soundsystem
: When I was younger, I worked at the Gap for almost five years, on and off. No judgment. I have so many fond memories of opening the store first thing in the morning during wintertime, on the bright downtown stretch of historic Kingston, with this tune coming on the playlist. Don't knock Gap. It has great music and you know it.

My Sweet Lord - George Harrison:
I once knew someone who adored this song and played it all the time, from speakers and from their guitar. And I would sing along. I'll always be grateful for having me introduced to it; it's the most plainly beautiful George Harrison ballad, sounding just like George should  - with that coined guitar wail, choral harmonies and perfect melody.

Tenuousness - Andrew Bird: Odd wordplay, a clap beat and a plucking melody make this one of my favourite Bird songs he's ever released. Off Noble Beast, this 2009 sundrenched track sets the lightest tone for the last half of your busiest day.

It Takes Time to Be a Man - The Rapture: Somehow, there are large groups of people who still aren't in on The Rapture's secret. Not only the fact that they've been spitting post-punk glory since the early 2000s, but that they're one of the most melodically versatile and genre experienced veteran groups out there. Listen to the waltzy thump of this piano and electric funk ballad, and then compare with their other diversified jams afterwards. You can't. Crack a cold beer and toast to to both the weekend and this feel-good, smooth operator of a song.


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