Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Holiday Party Groove: Little Dragon

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This past weekend I had my annual work holiday party - otherwise known as an excuse to get dolled up, eat delicious food and shut your coworkers up when they try to raise items from the office. As the gala wound down, I hopped a taxi to get to a hip watering hole in the heart of Toronto's trendy West end, where my friends were waiting. I was far out to begin, and as the taxi rolled along (despite my knowing it's probably not wise to plug in earphones when in a stranger's vehicle), I couldn't resist opting out of the Top 40 dubstep remixes blaring in the cab and choosing my own music for the lengthy trek back into the city. While some people make sure they have bandaids for destructive high heels in their purse, I make sure to ball up my earbuds for these unexpectedly long commutes.

The scenery buzzed by the frosted windows, and as we cruised through the bright traffic lights and into the chaotic downtown strip, this soulful beat slid on seamlessly. I hadn't heard it in forever, but man, did this cool groove hit the spot; as if the ticking beat and wonky keyboard effects, paired with her jazzy croon, were a match made for holiday soirees.

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