Friday, December 14, 2012

TGIF: Soulful Christmas

After another week away from home, last night I was so happy to land in the big city, step onto the deck of the Island Airport ferry into the mild Toronto "winter" and take in the downtown I've missed so much lately. The CN Tower was alight with holiday colours, nestled into the sparkling skyline across the water, and my favourite Christmas playlist was blaring to fit the bill impeccably. Holiday parties, cocktail dresses, red nails, red wine and overeating are in my near future and this is the only thing I want to hear during it all.

As my very favourite version of any Christmas song, I always have this song on loop beginning mid-December of every year, and I don't think I could possibly ever tire of it. I feel Otis' soulful plea this year, too - hoping we get a little powder to top it all off. Have a beautiful holiday weekend!

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