Tuesday, December 11, 2012

WALL: Magazine

The always breathtaking view from (way) above Toronto

The past two weeks have been a complete and total blur. I've been back and forth between cities, running holiday errands, weaving through the crowds of Toronto and hardly sleeping. But, like I always say, such is life. Even if everything is in overdrive, you only live once, and everything can always be looked at as an experience. That's what I'm telling myself, at least.

With all of this bopping around and travel, you could also note that I've spent a particularly large chunk of my time...in the sky. Something that I never mind. There are some fairly hilarious comedy routines about silly people who take advantage of the fact that, for years now, we've ingeniously been enabled to sit in the air while going from point A to B - something which is still, actually, truly extroardinary. If you have a short flight and a window seat - yet you choose to sleep or read, my mind is boggled. Despite countless flights and the realization that there's always work I can be doing or emails I can be reading - I can't not paste my forehead to the window and peer over the world below. It's just too fascinating not to.

This perfectly hushed ditty from British producer and vocalist WALL is the sweetest and most intimate display of minimalist pop that I've heard in some time - and an absolute shoe-in song to crank while gliding through the clouds. The near whisper of her voice, sleepy melody and entrancing lyrics were just meant for a morning or evening up in the sky. Enjoy!

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