Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Ryan Hemsworth Remixes Cat Power's "Manhattan"

Two artists who recently popped up at Toronto venues - Canadian producer Ryan Hemsworth (at Wrongbar for the WA Magazine launch) and Cat Power (stumbling around Kool Haus) - are now on the same song credit, thanks to Hemsworth and Angel Haze's savvy remix spin on Chan Marshall's dreamy single "Manhattan."

Forewarning: Hemsworth hardly maintained the original, but then again, no fascinating remixers do. Featuring a slow jam beat that smacks beneath Angel Haze's sassy intro rhymes, Cat Power's raspy howl darts lazily in and out of the chill groove - transitioning her from rock goddess into acid-jazz seductress for the 4-minute number.

Personally, my favourite elements of the Sun original are the gentle tapping beat and sweetly minimalistic pulse of the piano keys. So, although the hip-hop-infused second take would fit trendily into a lounge or club setting - I find myself longing for remnants of Power's airy melody. Either way, Cat is assuredly cool with the new twist - seeing as Angel Haze is opening for her in NYC tomorrow night.

I'd love to know what you think of the different versions. Original or remix? Or both?


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