Friday, February 8, 2013

55th Grammy Awards: This Sunday

Say what you will about the star-studded event - and the sometimes questionable award winners - but, year after year, I never fail to be so excited for the Grammy's. Although it still is a celebrity parade, it seems that each year a more diverse blend of nominees are added to the mix; the old mingle with the new and the mass-produced perform alongside the misunderstood. In recent years, it hasn't been uncommon for the curtains to raise and reveal artists or bands that, despite their acclaim, didn't cross my mind as acts that would have the chance to top the coveted stage.

Will you be watching the Grammy's this Sunday evening? If this snowstorm keeps up, a night spent plopped in front of the TV with a big glass of wine and endless snacks seems like the best case scenario. This year, I predict that the Levon Helm tribute (featuring an incredible roster of artists), will blow everyone away.

Here are five performers I look forward to cheering on.


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