Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Beck Remakes "Sound and Vision" Brilliantly

I know that yesterday I made a point of saying I wouldn't be going any further into my dislike of this year's Grammys. I stand by that; I really don't feel like re-hashing the different (and obvious) lackluster moments and ways in which the sleepy spectacle could have been saved.

I will say this, though: yesterday's internet frenzy that resulted from Lincoln releasing a dizzying video of Beck's re-worked version of  Bowie's "Sound and Vision" made me realize that this is exactly the type of baffling musical genius that the Grammys could have used. Shot three different times (shocking, I know - based on the intricacies and seemingly impossible coordination), with the rocker rotating on a circular stage against the 157-piece orchestra and choir-filled backdrop - I have no doubt that every instrument, yodel and gospel chant moved heartbeats to flutter upon click of the viral video.

As part of Lincoln's "Hello Again" launch campaign, Beck (and his father, the famed conductor orchestrating the madness behind him) said that with this re-imagined "Sound and Vision" experience, he wanted to deliver a performance to his invite-only audience that showed "no limitations or restrictions." Thanks for spoon-feeding us the exact descriptors to explain the theatrical 9 minute and 30 second display, Beck - because there's no better way to describe what the entire radical endeavor achieved. It's thousands of light, dark, heavy and airy moments encapsulated into a pleasantly nauseating chaos; one that brings the 1977 song to life in a beautifully twisted and extravagant way.

I love the original, and always will. But this gives me life.

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