Wednesday, February 27, 2013

New AlunaGeorge: "Attracting Flies"

This should help us over the hump. In the countdown to the long-awaited debut album from British electro-pop guy and girl AlunaGeorge (Aluna Francis and George Reid), the duo are having a grand old time keeping us in antsy anticipation with a third sugary and rhythmic single orchestrated by Aluna's pixie R&B vocals and George's keyboard wizardry.

On "Attracting Flies,"  their latest (and perhaps greatest, so far) bubbly dance number, the two spoon feed us another infectious taste of the forthcoming Body Music; a lovable dance floor groove chock full of throbbing beats and whistling synthesizers.

Even rooted in the dance genre, everything about their music manages to pull off some level of adorable; the sweet leading lady is too polite to say someone is full of the "s" word throughout the song, so she coos: "Everything you exhale is attracting flies." Lovely.

Look out for Body Music on June 3, 2013.

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