Tuesday, February 5, 2013

New Obsession: Caveman


During one of my early 2013 wanders around the worldwide web, I stumbled upon five-piece indie rock group Caveman and, song after song, became so enthralled with their versatile new wave sound; a sound that's really only come into fruition in the last two years. After forming in late 2010 and making their way into some of Brooklyn's finest live music establishments, Caveman took their diverse melodic numbers to the studio and packaged them into a full-length they could shop around to different labels.

Their debut LP Coco Beware was released in late 2011, with the golden standouts being "December 28th" (obviously a favourite of mine), "Easy Water" and "Great Life." With their striking melodies in tow, they wasted no time continuing on their climb to acclaim - gallantly hitting the open road with the likes of Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros and Blue Oyster Cult while their following grew exponentially. The dreamscape guitars, piled harmonies and Michael Iwanusa's beautiful tenor headship are only some of the reasons behind their quickly jumping the long line of bands looking to be in their position; they've nailed down an Arcade Fire or My Morning Jacket flavour of starry-eyed rock that, on any given song, can land anywhere between charming and jangly or gorgeously vast.

Their forthcoming self-titled sophomore release (April 2nd, Fat Possum) and the anthemic first single "In The City" have already proved to be a mature departure from days of record label ambivalence and odd gigs. If this breathtaking tune is any indication, they know exactly who they are and what their sound can accomplish. Above the spacious synth sounds and ricocheting guitar pangs, Iwanusa's brilliant vocals shift gorgeously between a milky undertone and throaty Bono-reminiscent holler - leaving no doubt he's a frontman to watch in coming years.

What do you think of Caveman?

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