Thursday, February 14, 2013

Throwback Thursday: A Favourite Love Song

Van Morrison At The Movies: Soundtrack Hits

On Valentine's Day, I'll say a few things about romance. I don't have too much of a "type," I don't have a long scroll of prerequisites for dating and I don't expect too many bells and whistles outside of that real connection. But, I do require the person I'm with to love Van Morrison's album Astral Weeks - particularly this song.

This song gives me new-relationship-tingles, without the relationship, every single time. The uplifting strum of Van's guitar and his bare, poetic vow don't come along every day in music - which is why this album and classic ballad will forever be timeless in my eyes. With "Sweet Thing," I like to think I have the ideal relationship; every minute with it feels like Valentine's, and I really do know I'll love it for the rest of my days.

"And I'll never, never, never grow so old again." Oof - what a lyric.


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  1. Van's brilliant. I love more than 300 of his songs. Love the man too, better than all those phony celebs and those talentless karaoke singers who front up to those pop idol shows.