Thursday, February 28, 2013

Throwback Thursday: John Butler's "Ocean"

OceanOver the years, a lot of sounds have come and gone - but the sounds of this John Butler song have always stayed. Whenever I seem to be having a strange day or am in desperate need of some sort of creative boost - without fail, this is one of the steadfast songs in my pocket. This song gives me life.

I remember when I was a kid and trying to justify buying something with my tiny, hard-earned allowance, my Dad would help me mentally work it out, or even add a few dollars to the cause, by telling me that maybe the item I was craving was actually a "soul" buy. Similar to comfort food or time with family, and not limited to material items, my parents taught me early on to recognize things that, for one reason or another, maybe were just good for the soul. As a cheap little kid, a lot of the things I had to justify buying were more and more pieces of music - tapes, CDs, posters - and I think it's plain to see that those things did turn out to be soul buys; there's no doubt those chore dollars went towards something that built up my "soul," if you will.

This is a soul song.

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