Thursday, February 21, 2013

Throwback Thursday: "Killing the Blues"


This morning, I was getting ready for the day and looking out over something I hadn't seen in some time - a sunstreaked Toronto. This meant two things: I no longer have to leave the house in the dark (amazing) and for the first time in what feels like weeks, the grey clouds had parted. The sight of the shiny morning city made me ache for summer so badly - a feeling I only felt for the first time last year.

To me, this song is every mild or warm season wrapped up into one toasty country ballad. I love songs that transition nicely through seasons, but the warm romance and hot country sun within the twangs of this song make it the perfect fit for the end-of-winter coming months. I absolutely adored the 2007 Raising The Sand collaboration between Alison Krauss and Led Zeppelin's Robert Plant; in so many ways it seemed like such a departure for the old rock God, but if you think about Zeppelin songs like"Tangerine," "Hey Hey What Can I Do" and "That's The Way," Plant is no stranger to country crooning. Maybe it's just the particular subtlety of his and Alison Krauss' harmonic whispers over the swaying melody, but this bluesy lullaby is precious.

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