Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Best New Music: Rhye

If I can think of one new album you must hear if you haven't already, it's Woman from Rhye. I have no new music suggestion that tops the suggestion of Woman. 

Early after the leak of "Open," no one could understand where the breathy, soft house tunes had come from - adding intrigue to the already blossoming critical obsession.With their intimate approach to electronic music and uncanny Sade-esque vocals, it's my belief that Rhye's melodic acid jazz and romantic lounge grooves have what it takes to cross over from the typically underground genre into the popular music sphere. On "Open" and "The Fall," the first singles off their March 5 debut album, the calm melodic groove swirls beneath those throaty vocals and a light snap beat - re-creating the feelings co-founder and Torontonian Mike Milosh said he felt "after a beautiful night with my now-wife." "The Fall" chorus line consists of an "Oh, make love to me" croon and gentle piano loop - historically steadfast ingredients for a likable jazzy ballad.

Despite their charming minimalism, everything about Rhye's contemporary R&B feels evasively seductive;  any listener in any city with any background of musical preference can surely appreciate the subtle soul of this  album.

Get on it.

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