Thursday, March 28, 2013

Long Weekend Beats: Flume & Purity Ring

Whether you're beating highway traffic home or staying in the big city to enjoy a long weekend to yourself, the short week is worth celebrating with some progressive new electronica that's bound to get you moving. I'm excited to hit the road and have a relaxing weekend with family, but also wouldn't be opposed to a few dance parties in my hometown with old friends; I can be easily peer pressured to do anything when it's a 20-minute walk or $8 cab ride to get anywhere, where I'm from.

When I'm not relying on hip hop to stir up my weekends, I'm always game for whatever seems to be the latest and greatest on the uppity electro-dance menu. These days, 21 year-old producer prodigy (and major cutie) Harley Streten, better known as Flume, and Canadian electro duo Purity Ring have been happily providing trendy, candy-coated beats to my weekend strolls, pints and hosting friends.

Have a listen to the razzle dazzle effects in these beat-packed songs and try not to get excited for the long weekend. Have a lovely little break!

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