Friday, March 8, 2013

TGIF: 5am in Toronto Drops

Dearest Drizzy,

You bring cardboard boxes full of dollar bills (50,000 of them) to strip clubs and "make it rain." This is a little embarrassing.

You make goofy videos that don't necessarily reflect what "starting from the bottom" is.

You notoriously can be pretty smug about your success. On some songs, your lyrics can fall into the mindless category.

You've partnered with 2 Chainz...

But you made one of the best mainstream hip-hop albums of 2011, Take Care. And no doubt, Nothing Was The Same will be as good or better.

You're fresh, you bring a certain je ne sais quoi to the popular rap airwaves.

Your production team's capabilities are oh-so-fly.

You're from Toronto. And you proudly talk about it. Bonus points.

And you somehow manage to keep us on the edge of our seat while we wait for you to drop more and more... and more.

Thanks for another song about the Big Smoke.

You fascinate me. For some reason, I still really do love you.

Happy Friday!

PS..."Sinatra lifestyle, I'm just being Frank with ya"...? Yes, please.

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