Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Perfect Match: M83 & Susanne Sundfør's "Oblivion"

As an artist I've followed loyally for years (and one whose most recent album I named the best of 2011), it's hard for M83's Anthony Gonzalez to do wrong in my books. His soaring, synth-heavy anthems are melodically rich and always breathtaking - ranging from low-fi lullabies to gigantic indie electro-rock cult classics. 

It only makes sense that Gonzalez would add his talent to the big screen for the second time by agreeing to arrange the score for Oblivion, the upcoming Tom Cruise sci-fi flick. He leaked the film's "Starwaves" earlier this month, but hit it out of the park last night in releasing the soundtrack's title anthem "Oblivion" - a profound musical lovechild starring his instrumentals and Norwegian Susanne Sundfør's powerful pipes. Pulling every orchestral and cinematic trick out of his electro wizardry handbook, "Oblivion" is a heavy-hitting fusion of echoing percussion, sparkling keyboards and an explosive symphony; enough dramatic melody to run chills down your spine even without Sundfør's piercing croon (one that made the best of 2012 list). Add the rising leading lady's vocal acrobatics into the mix and we've got ourselves a soundtrack classic. Easily a vocal rival for songstress Florence Welsh, Sundfør's range feels limitless as her crisp holler manages to trample the huge arrangement. Naturally, the song cranks down the epic sounds to end with a touching piano outro, tugging on any heartstrings it hasn't yet and nailing the theatrical vibe necessary for any post-apocalyptic story line.

Whatever kind of under-the-radar cool Sundfør was still was able to claim, something tells me this kind of powerhouse collaboration will happily be the end of it. Listen to the 6-minute anthem here:

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