Thursday, March 7, 2013

Throwback Thursday: Iron & Wine

Dear old Sam Beam is on his way back with a fifth Iron & Wine album in April, so a Throwback Thursday dedicated to the indie poet's mid-millennium prominence is in order.

The first time I played The Creek Drank the Cradle, my eyes and ears had forever been opened to a new, lullaby-like kind of indie folk genre that in turn would be one I'd always support. The quiet balladeer's hushed odes were unlike anything I'd really explored before; of course, variations of the sounds already existed, but something about Beam's storytelling caused me to follow his musical journey from there on out, even when he shifted direction with his last two albums. Whatever he's done since his debut, he's never failed to match melody and words in a way that makes me listen close. With such a soft-spoken murmur like his, you kind of have to.

Here's one of his 2002 hymns that will never, ever tire in my rotation. Whether played from a pair of speakers or read off a page, "Faded from the Winter" totally captures the essence of our tail-end-of-winter blues. I cherish just about every lyric of this song.

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