Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Vampire Weekend Drop Amazing New Singles

Last week, we were granted a funky new glimpse into Vampire Weekend lead Ezra Koenig's next chapter, when he paired with dance superstar trio Major Lazer to release an addictive reggae groove called "Jessica." I assumed (and hoped) that Ezra's step back into the spotlight on a collaborative note would mean more new things from his Vampire Weekend camp as well - and sure enough, the quirky American indie rockers dropped two new singles yesterday that fed the craving.

The double A-side single from their upcoming third album Modern Vampires of the City was the finale to a cheeky Twitter tease by the band mates last week, and both of the songs turned out to be perfection in completely different ways. I've never liked Vampire Weekend more than I have in the past 24 hours.

On "Step," a chugging beat and music box synth melody are only one half of the very good equation; Ezra Koenig's sweet songbird croon is crisp and processed in all the right places to stand out as impossibly ear-catching, even through the haze of the instruments. "Step," also a sampled nod to hip hop crew Souls of Mischief in parts, is a less chaotic departure from some of the band's earlier poppy repertoire - sounding like a zoned-out dream sequence you want to fall back asleep into.

"Diane Young," on the other hand, is right out of the hectic indie pop handbook that skyrocketed the outfit in the first place - although noticeably experimenting with flecks of popular electronic flavour (imagine that) and doing it well. Like an upbeat 80s anthem fit to round out a movie, the song is lunatic and feel-good from the first five seconds; flying in and out of buzzing grunge guitars, clap beats and Koenig's repetitive Baby, baby baby's in all their audio-effected glory.

So, there you have it! Vampire Weekend have given you two equally wicked options to help sell you on the new sound. Personally, they had me at both.

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