Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Band to Watch: Swim Deep

Swim Deep

I've been following these young Birmingham indie-rock lads so far this year, and I have to say, I'm curious  to see what kind of traction Swim Deep's debut Where The Heaven Are We will get once the full-length is released this summer. Their syrupy garage hooks and Ezra Koenig-reminiscent vocals remind me of the first time I heard Supergrass or tour buddies The Mystery Jets. Catchy bits of psychedelic and retro rock knot into the already sunny outfit, establishing each new carefree single as something that could likely charm the pants off their demographic and older.

On Swim Deep's first single, "King City," a buzzy synth and drum thumping anthem which could easily be mistaken for something The Cure would have pursued 20 years ago, the foursome began to prove that feel-good magnetism would endlessly be up their sleeves. They further delivered on that guarantee with my personal favourite, "Honey" - where ringleader Austin Williams' milky voice slinks around the ricocheting 90s guitar licks, melting hearts and cooing, "Don't just dream in your sleep, that's just lazy" in his dreamy accent-caked howl.

Looking forward to keeping an eye on their likable and breezy additions to the pop-rock landscape. Check them out.

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