Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Downtown Romantic: Theophilus London's "Flying Overseas"

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I found it really interesting for fashion designer Rebecca Minkoff to name her lovely series of Spotify playlists "Downtown Romantic." In fact, her use of the term extends beyond playlists and music; Minkoff has heavily marketed her chic accessories, approach to styling and design and overall aesthetic as fit for the "downtown romantic."

The first time I read this pairing of words, which some might find a little ambiguous - I totally understood the term. I really doubt Minkoff means "sappy woman who lives in a city, pining for love." I think - from what I've read, her designs and her playlists - she means the independent person who drinks up the wild city and its every bit of wonder. As someone who literally thrives off every motion and dynamic of the big, messy city - I knew what kinds of songs would be in a "downtown romantic" playlist before I even turned it on. Now, when I'm listening to my own concoctions of songs while wading through crowds during the rush hour commute home, I can't help but fondly come across my own idea of tunes that would absolutely fit the "downtown romantic" bill.

This Theophilus London song, featuring one of the pioneers of hipster-hop, Devonte Hynes, and his muse Solange Knowles - is perfect for the passionate urban dweller. It's glimmering, retro beat (very typical of Hynes and his albums under the Blood Orange moniker), dreamy vocals and melody leave me starry-eyed and alive. Downtown romantic might be my favourite kind of song.

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