Friday, April 5, 2013

Best New Music: On an On's "Give In"


It's times like these I'm so happy I have this blog. When I hear something really quite special; something worthy of more than a nudge in passing to a friend, it warms my heart to be able to sing its praises from the digital rooftop. Having recently stumbled upon the anthemic moments within On an On's debut album Give In, I've been left aching to tell everyone I know immediately, if not sooner - because the three remaining members of Scattered Trees have nailed an obscure (and perhaps groundbreaking) textural angle that reminds me of the first time I heard Broken Social Scene or Arcade Fire.

Whether the atmospheric dream rock on "Ghosts" or the explosive, youthful oddities within "The Hunter," the wild first release from this trio is one of the most incredible I've heard in the past year. Everything from glittery synth to energetic retro bits decorate the unpredictable ride on Give In - all of it led by Nate Eisland's smoky harmonies and the band's experimental fun with noises. It's real music, and all sorts of it.

With a stop in Toronto on April 12th, you'd be silly not to hop on board. Give in.

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