Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Michael Bernard Fitzgerald and Bobby Long Live in Toronto

Nothing thrills me more than a great live show, but even less thrills me more than an unexpected great live show. Last night, Big Hassle was nice enough to send me on over to see Bobby Long here in Toronto - and while the Brit rocker was undoubtedly a great live act, his opener blew me away. With milky Ray Lamontagne-style vocals and only himself on the acoustic, Calgary native Michael Bernard Fitzgerald delivered one of the more comedic (really, he was hilarious) and effortless acoustic sets I've seen in months. With a studio-perfect, raspy croon and pocketful of touching ballads, Fitzgerald was on point from the first note all the way through to one of the prettiest "Dancing in the Dark" covers I've ever heard. I was instantly sold and converted to the funny fellow's following after purchasing his EPs and having a quick hallway chat.

Here was his first, and probably the sweetest, number played.

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