Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Miguel and Mariah Carey Release The Perfect Pop Song

So, when I received my industry news digest earlier this week, I momentarily glanced over a Mariah Carey and Miguel collaboration - because, a young and old R&B icon will inevitably pair up at some point and we can all guess what that will sound like. I sort of expected the duet, from them or a similar pair, sooner or later - and I kind of expected it to be a train wreck. Wrong.

When I got around to listening, what I didn't expect was the song itself. Just a simple and breezy summer anthem, filled with delectable hooks and kind lyrics - "#Beautiful" just happens to feature the voices of impossibly talented R&B superstars who are easily capable of every vocal riff and glitzy production trick in the book. Instead, their big presences coast harmoniously under the radar of the song's beachy pop-rock melody.

Similar to Miguel's "Do You?" off his own Kaleidoscope Dream, the catchy throws back to a charming period of sweet Motown-infused R&B that's a welcome departure from the trance and production-heavy charts nowadays. Through the rustle of dusty-sounding guitars and jangly tambourines, Miguel's howl is oh-so-handsome and Mariah's interjection halfway through the song is lovely and uncharacteristically subdued.

I would have expected the sound of this sunny song to appear at some point throughout the hot months - I just didn't think it would be from these two. What might be the song of this summer, "#Beautiful" is cute, warm and a wisely unexpected move from both of the otherwise racy hit-makers. If I was proved wrong by more popular music headlines, the radio would be a whole lot more interesting.

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