Friday, May 24, 2013

TGIF: New Music from Emma Louise

I’m hitting the open road this weekend for a much-needed rest. I’ve got books to read, magazines to finally flip through, and this soft voice as a reminder to just take it easy.

Although there’s certainly no shortage of amazing new tunes to listen to (the new National album, which I literally can’t tear myself away from) – this soothing gal has been a saving grace during the chaos of the past two weeks. Australian artist Emma Louise’s mesmerizing voice is infectious in its heightened pitch, breathing out songs about youth and her mind. She steeps her low-fi beats in spacious synths – a trick that leaves some songs perfectly dazed and others totally electrifying. With her eclectic sounds and range, it's hard not to keep digging through her songs to hear what else she’s capable of.

Here are two tracks from her upcoming album and an alt-J cover to get you through the weekend.

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