Thursday, May 23, 2013

Throwback Thursday: All to All (remix) and Arts & Crafts 10th Anniversary

It really wasn't hard to decide that this song would be my throwback Thursday feature. With festivities gearing up to celebrate legendary Toronto-based label Arts & Crafts' 10th anniversary, my currently reading the Broken Social Scene and Toronto indie music scene story (This Book is Broken) and tonight's Norman Wong art exhibit (featuring photographs of A&C musicians) - I figured it was only right to celebrate the label's legacy with a beautiful song from their flagship act, Broken Social Scene.

Although not a huge throwback - just to 2010's Forgiveness Rock Record - this "All to All" Skeet Skeet remix is the perfect summery twist on the already airy classic. While maintaining the original's delicate synth melody, sweet violins and Lisa Lobsinger's songbird vocals, the subdued Skeet Skeet remix adds only the slightest tropical echoes in between the added pattering beat. Heaven.

I still remember watching the original "All to All" performed live (and brand spanking new) at the Toronto Island Music Festival in 2010, with the whole BSS crew present. I clearly remember deciding that few songs would ever sound as good when played live on a hot summer evening, surrounded by hundreds of other Canadian music lovers.

Enjoy the remix! And see you at the A&C Field Trip Music and Arts Festival for the real anniversary celebrations.

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